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10 Effects of Testosterone on the Body

10 Effects of Testosterone on the Body

Testosterone production is regulated mainly by the central nervous system. To be more precise, this process is under control of the master gland. Master gland is a small organ, which size doesn’t exceed an apricot, but it plays a tremendous role in hormonal balance of the entire organism.

You can hardly overestimate the role of testosterone in men’s health and normal functioning of the organism. This hormone is actually responsible for the demonstration of male characteristics, both physiological and psychological. Testosterone is also vital for the body to function normally. As a rule, male body produces testosterone on its own. But there are many factors, which can influence the level of the hormone this or that way.

No wonder that testosterone is considered to be the main male hormone. It participates in the development of male genital organs and takes an active part in the development of such sexual characteristics as the change of voice and excessive hair growth.

According to numerous studies, this hormone plays an equally important role in the sexual activity of a man, production of sperm and spermatogenesis, production of red blood cells, secretion of sebaceous glands, growth of muscle, and maintenance of physical and psychological endurance.

It’s no secret that male reproductive system cannot function properly without the sufficient level of testosterone. Let’s have a closer look at the key 10 effects of testosterone on male body.

Effect 1: Libido

Male libido can completely determines the quality of the sexual activity of a man. And testosterone plays an important role in boosting his sexual abilities and enhancing excitement. The high level of testosterone can significantly increase your libido and bring your sexual life to the new level. But, there are a lot of reasons that can lower the production of this hormone. And consequently, the sexual activity of a man can also decrease. If you do not take any measures, the lack of libido may result in erectile dysfunction. Therefore, every man should know how to recover and keep up the testosterone level.

Effect 2: Muscles

Testosterone is actively involved in formation of muscle fibers. Almost seventy percent of the muscle growth is ensured by this hormone. Testosterone can promote many changes in the male body, including but not limited to the increased level of protein synthesis, which, in its turn, leads to a more rapid muscle growth. This hormone can also intensify your strength and endurance so you can spend much more time for building up your muscles in the gym.

Effect 3: Spermatogenesis

Spermatogenesis is a complex process, which is responsible for the male sperm quality. It is directly dependent on testosterone and its level in the male body. The insufficient level of testosterone can result in a decreased quantity of spermatozoids that may consequently have an adverse effect on normal spermatogenesis.

Effect 4: Hair growth on face, trunk and limbs

Excess hair growth is one of the obvious features that help distinguish men from women. This can be explained by the fact that men have a higher level of testosterone. It is worth mentioning that this male hormone doesn’t only activate the hair growth on face, trunk and limbs but also can intensify this process.

Effect 5: Mood

Testosterone can also be called a hormone of success, achievements, and competitiveness. But you should know that sometimes changes in your mood can be a result of the changed level of testosterone in your body.

Thus, a large amount of testosterone can result in aggressive behavior, while the low level of this hormone can cause dissatisfaction, frustration and depression. Some scientists believe that the excess amount of testosterone in the male body can make them lose the fear and instinct of self-preservation. Such men are also more prone to having suicidal feelings.

Effect 6: Cognitive thinking

According to numerous studies, cognitive abilities of men are directly connected with the level of testosterone they have. The higher level of testosterone your body produces, the better memory and information processing speed you have.

Effect 7: Spatial intelligence

If you measure the testosterone level in the male blood, and then ask them to complete several neuropsychological tests, you can see a correlation between the level of the hormone and the test results. Men with a higher concentration of testosterone in their blood show better results in the spatial thinking activities.

Effect 8: Erectile function

Testosterone regulates many mechanisms of erectile function. The decreased level of this hormone can adversely affect the sexual life of a man and result even in erectile dysfunction.

Effect 9: Skin

Believe it or not, but this male sex hormone can directly affect the condition of your skin. A significant increase in testosterone level can disrupt the balance of the hormonal system and cause the increased activity of sebaceous glands. This fact usually has an adverse effect on male skin, resulting in acne and other skin problems.

Effect 10: Accelerated metabolism

Men usually have a more rapid metabolism than women. This fact can be explained by the higher level of testosterone compared to the latter. It helps to prevent excessive fat deposition, taking into account even the fact that men usually eat more food.

As you can see, testosterone has numerous effects on your body. This hormone is crucial for determining the physical and psychological characteristics of the individual.

Thus, it is the primary task of every man to maintain the sufficient level of testosterone. Do more sports, eliminate consumption of alcohol and smoking, use testosterone booster pills, eat healthy food, which is rich in essential vitamins and minerals – and you will have enough testosterone to ensure the normal functioning of your body!