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Ageless Male Testosterone Booster Review

Ageless Male Testosterone Booster Review

Lack of testosterone is a burning issue for each modern man who doesn’t want to lose own manliness when getting older.

Nowadays, testosterone deficiency has become more widespread than ever before because the lifestyle and state of health of most men is very far from ideal. As a result, the men can’t build muscle mass, preserve strength, avoid body fat and weight gain, and enjoy sexual activity.

To successfully address this challenge, it’s necessary to use some helpful “instruments” such as testosterone boosters of natural origin. And Ageless Male is one of them.


Close investigation of Ageless Male gave us an opportunity to consider all relevant details about this supplement to understand how useful it may be to the men.

Ageless Male is a natural product targeted at the activation of testosterone synthesis in men who suffer from testosterone deficiency caused by the aging process.

The supplement is made by New Vitality Company. It’s a well-established company engaged in the production of nutritional supplements aimed at the maintenance of customers’ health and attractive appearance.

The supplementation doesn’t demand any prescription. This legal pill serves an alternative to the prescription drugs. But due to the availability of the natural formula, the supplementation is not accompanied with dangerous side effects.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this product is not included to the top 10 testosterone boosters because its formula is not strong enough to outperform the other similar supplements. That’s why if your major objective is to get maximum gains very quickly, it’s advisable to look through the list of the best-working testosterone supplements.

Who Is It Aimed at?

The men who are getting older, especially those ones who are over 40 years old, sooner or later feel the symptoms of low testosterone. And these men who aspire to repair all the aspects of man’s body functioning related to the necessity to keep testosterone levels high need to take care of superior quality testosterone supplementation.

It means that Ageless Male is meant for the men who want to fill the gaps in own testosterone production in a natural way. For different reasons, these men don’t consider the possibility of use of different synthetic active substances or even testosterone made in labs. And in this case, natural testosterone pill could not have come at a better time.

So, this supplement is for each man who needs more testosterone, bigger muscles, increased strength and stamina, higher libido, enhanced arousal, and revived sex life.

Since the pill is developed for the men who have been already trapped by the negative aging changes, especially those ones that touch on male hormonal balance, the young men shouldn’t undergo testosterone supplementation.

This product is not created for the women, especially for the pregnant ones.


According to the manufacturer’s claims, the supplement has a range of advantages:

  • Upsurge of free testosterone levels
  • Development of lean muscle mass
  • Strength growth
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Enhancement of sex drive and endurance
  • Restoration of sexual arousal
  • Improvement of sex life
  • Additional product advantages include:
  • Availability of a money-back guarantee
  • Affordable price
  • Naturalness


It’s possible to find the following natural components in the supplement formula:

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: It’s probably the most upstanding ingredient in this pill formula. This natural active substance belongs to the most widespread components used to stimulate testosterone production in men. But in fact, the information about such ability of fenugreek to contribute to testosterone growth is conflicting and exaggerated as many experts believe. However, there is scientific evidence that male hormone elevation is possible. Thus, the study conducted in 2010 implied the supplementation of male participants with Fenugreek for 6 months. Some participants consumed 500 mg of this extract, while the others used placebo. When the study finished, it was found out that the supplementation resulted in testosterone elevation and fat percentage decrease. At the same time, muscle gains were not seen.
    Anyway, there are 300 mg of this natural active substance in each Ageless Male pill. This herbal extract is available in the form of a patented ingredient known under the name of Testofen.
  • Magnesium: This mineral is highly beneficial for all the body functions. And hormonal balance is one of them. It was scientifically proven that insufficient magnesium levels are fraught with the reduction of testosterone levels. According to the research, magnesium is able to increase free testosterone levels in men. This happens because the mineral doesn’t allow testosterone to be bound to sex hormone binding globulin which makes the levels of key male hormone plummet. The preservation of free testosterone levels is accompanied with maintenance of satisfactory anabolic state that lets the men boost both muscle development and strength.
    One pill of this supplement offers 16 mg of the mineral.
  • Zinc: This is another essential mineral which plays an important role in the human body because it’s mainly responsible for the regulation of different enzymes’ activities in the body. But the most crucial zinc effect for men is the ability to participate in the creation of testosterone molecules. In particular, during the studies, it was found out that the modulation of serum testosterone levels in healthy men depends on zinc status in the man’s body. This effect follows from the study findings according to which a 6-months zinc supplementation of elderly men led to the considerable elevation of serum testosterone in these men. However, it should be noted that the men were healthy but had zinc deficiency. This supplement delivers 15 mg of zinc per pill.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin is needed by everyone who wants to stay healthy and active. Thus, if you ensure an adequate intake of vitamin B6, you will avoid anemia development, skin disorders, depression, and other mental health problems. However, the scientists have also discovered the interrelation between the levels of this vitamin and testosterone. Vitamin B6 has both direct and indirect influence on testosterone status in men. This ingredient intensifies the synthesis of androgens which in their turn make testosterone levels elevate. In addition, this vitamin lowers prolactin which is a typically female hormone harmful for male testosterone balance. The product delivers 4.9 mg of this vitamin to the man’s body.

Nevertheless, it is fair to say that 4 ingredients are not enough to formulate a really strong weapon in the fight for additional natural testosterone. There are few times less ingredients in this product than in the other testosterone enhancing pills with the most powerful formulas. So, the Ageless Male ingredient content cedes ground to the majority of competitors.

Is There Science Behind?

If you are searching for the non-synthetic booster of testosterone secretion which has a scientifically supported formula, Ageless Male unfortunately can’t comply with this requirement.

The supplement manufacturer’s statements about its product advantages are quite silver-tongued. But if you wish to look at the evidence, you will see that there is no clinical evidence proving that the pill can really overcome the problem of insufficient testosterone and poor sports performance.

Clinical studies were not conducted to check how exactly the product works and which benefits it really can provide. And it’s a serious downside for each customer who wants to pay for a worthy product and be sure of the pill efficacy and safety.

The customers themselves also note that the supplementation is useless since at its end the men didn’t experience any desirable changes in their testosterone levels and sports performance. Even those men who managed to notice some results state that these results were minor and didn’t have a great influence on their overall sports achievements.

So, if availability of study findings is principally crucial for you, it’s better to find the other testosterone stimulating option.

When to Expect the Results

The supplement users should realize that the pill formula doesn’t contain any stimulatory components or prescription ingredients able to show their efficacy in no time. That’s why Ageless Male will not bring you gains in a day or even in a week.

This testosterone enhancing remedy doesn’t have a formula able to start work immediately. Non-artificial ingredients can’t act right away. Instead, their mechanism of action is mild and smooth because of the availability of natural ingredients. These ingredients urge your body, but in a harmless way, to synthesize natural testosterone without the use of strong but forbidden stimulants. So, this supplement is claimed not to disturb the functions of your organs and systems.

Generally, it’s necessary to continue the supplementation for a few weeks before you start seeing any difference between your prior and after supplementation state.

Also, the gains can be preserved only during the intake of the booster. Once the delivery of testosterone enhancing ingredients to your body stops, the effects fade away.


This supplement also has a number of disadvantages such as:

  • No clinical proof of the claimed supplementation effects
  • Very small number of active ingredients which can’t guarantee a stable positive impact on testosterone production
  • Very short refund period equal to just 30 days
  • Barely noticeable muscle gains
  • Too intense sexual enhancement effect instead of the encouragement of muscle development
  • Weak case for product efficacy
  • Lack of positive customer feedback

Intake Guidelines

The manufacturer gives the usage instructions according to which 2 capsules per day divided into 2 servings are enough to reach the supplementation goals. It’s better to use the supplement with meals.
As for the time when you need to take the pill, you can choose it by yourself. So, you can determine the most convenient time for the supplementation. In addition, the product shouldn’t be cycled.
It’s strongly not recommended to exceed the dosage stated in the intake guidelines.


The product formula contains no synthetic ingredients. Also, there is no caffeine or other stimulants in the ingredient content. You will not find any illegal, life-threatening components in this product. Naturalness of the formula promotes the supplement safety. It means that testosterone levels increase and energy metabolism intensifies due to the action of natural components which don’t impede any bodily functions and can’t contribute to the occurrence of serious adverse reactions.

Some product users still report about mild adverse reactions such as irritability and mood swings. Smell sense change also belongs to unpleasant side effects.

But it should be mentioned that this supplement was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. That’s why there is no legal evidence that can fully confirm the supplement safety.

Also, you should remember that this supplement is not created for establishing any diagnosis, preventing medical conditions, and undergoing treatment.

Anyway, based on the absence of clinical support, it’s possible to say that everyone is taking this supplement at his own risk and peril.

Doctor Consultation

Ageless Male is not a medication. It’s an over-the-counter non-artificial remedy which is generally harmless and can’t cause serious adverse reactions. However, in some cases, you should display special vigilance.

Thus, if you have some underlying condition, you should undoubtedly schedule a doctor appointment. You need to let the healthcare professional check your health and determine whether it’s safe for you to undergo any supplementation.

Also, if you take any prescription medications, you should tell your healthcare practitioner that you are going to take the testosterone enhancing supplement. In this case, you should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

How Much to Pay

Now, the cheapest deal is offered on the Walgreens website where you can purchase one pill bottle for $19.99. Walgreens also ensures free delivery of the product.

On the official website of the manufacturer, you will find some favorable multi-purchase deals. In particular, when you order 2 supplement bottles, you will get 1 more bottle for free. In addition, when you buy 4 bottles, you will receive 2 more bottles paying zero pennies for them.

The prices on the supplement bought online and at the store may differ. So, you should constantly monitor them to choose the most profitable deal.

Where to Purchase

If you want to purchase Ageless Male, you should first of all pay your attention to the official website of New Vitality, the supplement manufacturer.

But the official website is not the only place where you can find and safely buy this testosterone enhancing product. Thus, the supplement is also available in Walgreens and Walmart.

Refund Policy

The supplement manufacturer gives its customers an opportunity to use the refund policy because the customer satisfaction belongs to the company’s priorities.

Within the framework of the money-back guarantee you can rely on the refund which you can obtain for 30 days since the day of product purchase. It means that you don’t run any risk for 30 days of the supplement use. During this period, you can return the bottle or bottles you bought if the product doesn’t meet your expectation for any reason.

The manufacturer doesn’t try to find out why the customer wants to return the supplement. As a result, you will get the money you spend on the booster. But the shipping and handling price will be taken off from the total sum.

So, you can count on refund policy benefits which nevertheless last much shorter than those of the leaders in testosterone supplementation industry. That’s why the money-back guarantee of Ageless Male is inferior to the guarantees of many other best sellers on the market.

The Bottom Line

The in-depth examination of Ageless Male peculiarities enabled us to draw the following conclusion.

Thus, this supplement enjoys quite a wide popularity but mainly due to the fact that it is manufactured by the company that has a stable market position. Though there is some positive feedback about this product effects, we don’t have enough plausible evidence that could allow us to advise you to use this supplement.

The matter is that the manufacturer’s statements about the product efficacy are ungrounded since there are no clinical trials proving testosterone boosting potential of this supplement.

That’s why this pill is really not able to withstand competition with strong performers on the testosterone supplementation market. And the best of them is definitely TestoGen. We have the guts to rank this product first. As opposed to Ageless Male, TestoGen is a super powerful testosterone booster of natural origin which employs a multi-faceted testosterone deficiency fighting approach. Extremely high potency of its formula is backed with the reliable clinical trial findings and the endorsements of authoritative experts. It is sure to restore testosterone balance in your body, as well as improve your sports performance and breathe a new life into your sexual activity. Also, you can take advantage of its 60-day long refund policy.