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Testosterone and Alcohol: Are They Compatible?


Hormonal balance in general and testosterone levels in particular are very susceptible to many factors. Alcohol is one of them. And it’s possible to tell for sure that alcohol and male health feature zero compatibility. Drinking too much alcohol is fraught not only with overall health and behavioral problems, but also with endocrine function impairment. Your T levels will suffer in the first turn.

Can Testosterone Levels Exceed the Normal Range?


All the men typically ask themselves a question of how to make own body synthesize more testosterone. They even use testosterone boosters for this purpose. That’s because it’s difficult to find a man who underestimates the importance of this hormone in his life. You are most probably also among these men.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Low testosterone which is called hypogonadism is a problem primarily faced by men. But actually, which men do most often fall victims to testosterone deficiency? In fact, numerous researches have shown that the older men get the more susceptible to hypogonadism they become.