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D-Bal | Natural Alternative to Dianabol

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D-Bal is positioned as a first-class testosterone booster of natural origin that quite effectively deals with the task of male hormonal balance normalization.

It’s mainly targeted at the bodybuilders and athletes who need high testosterone levels in order to show themselves to be the winners in different sports contests.

This natural supplement is developed to substitute Methandrostenolone to protect the men against the negative consequences to health. This hormone-enhancing remedy is sold over the counter.

The manufacturer renovated the initial ingredient content. After renovations, the product formula includes more ingredients.

And these advanced non-artificial active substances made the formula 7 times more potent than before.



D-Bal has an effective new formula complemented with the top-notch natural active substances which facilitate and accelerate the optimization of testosterone balance.


Suma Root Concentrated Extract

This is an herbal extract the appeared in the new D-Bal formula no so long time ago. The manufacturer did this because the extract is a great adaptogenic and ergogenic substance. The ingredient also stimulates testosterone production. According to the study, Suma leads to the increase in the amount of red blood cells. And due to this, testosterone levels elevate. Also, Suma contains a chemical compound that is an herbal analogue of male testosterone. That is why this ingredient enhances sports performance and muscle strength.

Tribulus Terrestris

The study has demonstrated that this plant gives a boost to the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone in its turn makes testosterone levels follow an upward trend. The herb’s action resembles the effects of DHEA and androstenedione. Another study carried out in 2016 found out that Tribulus Terrestris not only normalizes testosterone levels. It also copes with low sex drive, contributes to muscle size enlargement, and increases strength.


It is an herb that has scientifically backed ability to simultaneously restore testosterone balance and improve male fertility. According to the study, the supplementation with Ashwagandha urges the body to produce more testosterone and increases sperm count and motility. One more study has shown that this ingredient makes cortisol levels drop by 30%. When cortisol reduces, testosterone grows.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin has a clinically supported potential to determine testosterone concentration in the blood. The studies found out that vitamin D deficiency makes testosterone levels plummet. But the intake of vitamin D may elevate testosterone levels by about 20%. Since usually people lack vitamin D, the manufacturer ensured a proper supply of this ingredient in D-Bal formula.


Athletes and bodybuilders need much magnesium because this mineral helps the body get much more testosterone. There is scientific evidence that the intake of magnesium elevates testosterone by 24% in all men. And it doesn’t matter whether these men are the sportsmen or not. Magnesium works by making hormone binding globulin inactive.


D-Bal formula includes methylsulfonylmethane which safeguards youthful and beautiful appearance of the body. This chemical compound successfully fights the manifestations of aging. It takes part in collagen creation, deletes harmful toxins, accelerates healing, and makes joints flexible.


Bodybuilders and athletes appreciate this amino acid for its high potential to enhance athletic performance, make exercising longer, recharge endurance and stamina, promote muscle-building process, and raise energy levels.

Sodium Hyaluronate

This ingredient which is also known as Hyaluronic acid serves as a natural moisturizer. The studies have indicated that this compound is responsible for skin elasticity. That’s because it promotes collagen synthesis. Also, the ingredient keeps bones healthy, combats inflammation, and speeds up wound healing.


The Bottom Line

D-Bal is considered one of the best-working supplements used to naturally boost the secretion of testosterone in the man’s body.

This product can optimize the testosterone status in both athletes and ordinary men.

It enables the men to avoid using synthetic hormone which may cause health problems.

This non-prescription all natural remedy has a strong formula which has been recently substantially strengthened due to the availability of new highly potent ingredients in it.

Thanks to these additional natural components, the product efficacy rate grew by several times.