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TestoGen Booster Review (2019, July)


TestoGen is considered the leader among the natural remedies used to boost testosterone synthesis because it has the strongest non-synthetic formula.

This supplement is designed to ease the manifestations of testosterone deprivation which sooner or later becomes a problem of each aging man.

This testosterone-enhancing product comes to rescue when it’s necessary to restore the key male hormone levels with no health risks.

The pill ingredient content is characterized with high safety, efficacy, and trustworthiness due to the availability of clinical support.



The use of TestoGen is aimed at the intensification of testosterone synthesis in men.

All advantages which you will get when using this product are related to the testosterone upsurge in the body.

The supplementation helps you:

  • Ensure muscle gains
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Give a boost to muscle tone
  • Enhance strength
  • Restore endurance and stamina
  • Strengthen attention and concentration
  • Stimulate better energy release
  • Fight tiredness and nervousness
  • Get rid of fat storages
  • Regain competitive edge
  • Recharge sexual interest and desire
  • Repair sexual self-esteem


TestoGen Ingredients

Customer satisfaction with TestoGen effects is easy to explain since this supplement doesn’t include the ingredients which are unsupported by clinical evidence.

Thus, in the pill formula, you will find:

D-Aspartic Acid

This acid belongs to the most powerful natural stimulators of testosterone synthesis in a man’s body according to the Italian study carried out in 2009. The testes and pituitary gland produce this amino acid naturally and then the body takes advantage of d-aspartic acid by applying it for managing luteinizing hormone and testosterone release.1

Another study has shown that this amino acid is able to boost testosterone secretion by more than 45% just after a few weeks of supplementation.2


Fenugreek Extract

It is an herbal ingredient with testosterone-enhancing properties.

The study conducted in 2011 by the Australian scientists has shown that this compound substantially elevates sex drive and fixes testosterone secretion in a harmless way.3

Also, it is known for the ability to enhance strength, endurance, and stamina, as well as intensifies insulin release.

As a result, muscle mass grows along with testosterone levels. In addition, Fenugreek copes with the problem of negative impact of free radicals on the body.

Red Ginseng Extract

The extract of this plant root is famous as an aphrodisiac since it can maximize the man’s libido quickly and effectively.

It supports the erectile function and ensures the protection of testes against unsafe impact of dioxins. It is also beneficial for both mental and physical abilities.

In addition, the American study revealed that red ginseng recharges sports performance, increases muscle strength, improves oxygen delivery throughout the body, elevates serum lactate levels, strengthens heart function, maintains homeostasis, and repairs work capacity.4


Vitamin D

Numerous studies have indicated a straightforward interrelation between testosterone amount in the blood and vitamin D levels.

Thus, there was a study conducted by the German scientists and involving the men with excessive weight.

The study duration was 12 months. The study group actually underwent vitamin D supplementation, while the placebo group took a placebo.

After the assessment of the study results, it was found out that the male participants from the first group managed to get rid of 6 kg of unwanted body weight, as well as considerably elevated testosterone levels.

The male hormone levels increase reached 25%.

One more study where 652 Korean male participants in their 40s were engaged determined that the vitamin D deficient men were 2.65 times more prone to testosterone deprivation comparing to the men with normal vitamin D levels.


It is a patented innovative ingredient obtained from black pepper. The use of such a natural component is targeted on the upsurge of bioavailability of the rest of compounds present in the supplement.

Due to this, the ingredient absorption rate grows and hence the efficacy of these ingredients also increases.

As a result, the supplementation will bring you more benefits comparing to the use of the same formula but without Bioperine.


This is an essential micronutrient known to work as a testosterone-stimulating substance and a libido booster.

It’s difficult to find a bodily function where zinc doesn’t participate. Also, a man can’t have high-quality sperm if he lacks zinc in his body. The men dramatically lose zinc while working out.

That’s why if you want to maintain your testosterone levels high, as well as increase muscle size and strength, you should take care of zinc supplementation.

Vitamin B6

More than a hundred bodily functions depend on how much vitamin B you have in the body. And testosterone synthesis also belongs to these functions.

According to the clinical trials, the lack of vitamin B is interrelated with insufficient testosterone levels and excessive estrogen levels in men.

Energy levels in such men are also low. So, the availability of vitamin B6 in this supplement formula not only supports your testosterone secretion, but also aids in lifting energy levels and overcoming fatigue and anxiety.

Vitamin K1

The primary task of this vitamin is to strengthen the health of your bones. But in addition, vitamin K1 performs a function very important for TestoGen users.

Thus, this ingredient effectively works for the improvement of vitamin D absorption which in its turn is crucial for testosterone production. So, vitamin K1 indirectly participates in testosterone synthesis.

Nettle Leaf Extract

According to the study, the extract of this plant acts by binding itself to a protein known as SHGB instead of testosterone.

When testosterone is saved from attaching to SHGB, free testosterone levels raise. It means that thanks to the nettle leaf extract your body has more free testosterone at its disposal in order to develop muscle mass and restore sex drive.5


The study has indicated that the supplementation with even a tiny amount of this trace mineral serves well for the substantial elevation of testosterone concentration in the blood.

Also, the study has shown that the men who consumed 10 mg of this compound on a weekly basis experienced a 28% elevation of free testosterone amount in the blood, while estrogen levels dropped.6

One more study that involved the bodybuilders and lasted for 7 weeks has demonstrated that the supplementation with boron contributed to a considerable uplift of testosterone levels as opposed to the men from a placebo group.7


This nutrient is irreplaceable for the adequate testosterone synthesis.

The study has shown that the men who consumed 750 mg of magnesium on a daily basis for one month reported about the elevation of testosterone levels by 26%.8

This ingredient is also important for ensuring a restorative sleep which is a necessary condition for the trouble-free testosterone secretion.

Expectations from TestoGen Supplementation

The intake instructions tell that the users have to take 4 TestoGen capsules everyday without any interruptions.

Usually, 2 weeks are needed to feel the first favorable changes caused by the supplementation.

In some cases, the time enough to experience the very first supplementation results extends to about one month since the product efficacy varies individually from man to man.

But in general, the longer you undergo supplementation the more impressive results you can finally get.



Is the Long-Term TestoGen Supplementation Reasonable?

The mechanism of TestoGen action implies the activation of testosterone secretion in a natural way.

Due to this, all the functions and processes in the body take place without any intervention and negative impact on the hormonal balance and overall health.

For this reason, there are no limitations concerning the timeframe during which you can take this supplement.

However, it’s still not recommended no to make the breaks in supplementation at all.

The matter is that the completely uninterrupted intake of this testosterone booster may decrease the efficacy of the remedy.

That’s why after the supplementation course lasting for a few months it’s advisable to cease the pill intake for no less than 2 weeks. By doing so, you will only enhance the supplementation effects.

The Verdict

TestoGen is a well-reputed non-artificial testosterone-boosting remedy with a reliable formula filled with clinically supported active substances.

There is plausible evidence that these supplement components really stimulate testosterone production without any harm to your endocrine system in particular and overall health in general.

The customer reviews demonstrate the trustworthiness of the supplement which according to the users successfully deals with the task of hormonal injection replacement. The supplementation is adverse reaction free.

The supplement is also backed with a money back guarantee valid for 60 days. And this proves that the product manufacturer is worth trusting.