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Prime Male Review

Prime Male Review

Prime Male is actually an over-the-counter supplement which belongs to the non-synthetic testosterone boosters. The product is developed for the men over 30 years old who have already started suffering from the negative consequences of natural testosterone decline, but don’t want to tolerate the situation.

And this booster offers the men an excellent chance to ease the symptoms of vanishing testosterone without the use of steroids and other dangerous compounds. The supplement ingredients are clinically tested. That’s why they work safely and satisfy the customers’ demands.
This product is manufactured by Propura, which is a reliable, well-reputed multinational company engaged in providing innovative health research and science services. The supplement is produced with the application of first-class FDA-approved facilities and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Why Testosterone Is Important

Testosterone is a typical, 100% male hormone. Each man should have adequate testosterone levels in order to simply stay a man in every sense of this word.

The young men of course have nothing to worry about since their male sex hormones are high and stable by nature. But the situation starts changing dramatically as soon as you break through your 30 years old line. Unfortunately, since that time you will lose 1% of this vital hormone per year. This process is inevitable because nothing can stop the aging process.

However, Prime Male still offers a satisfactory solution by relieving the testosterone-related manifestations of the aging. Thus, due to the action of this booster, you can say NO to:

  • Hindered muscle growth and recovery
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Muscle loss
  • Lack of strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Feeling sluggish and exhausted
  • Poor sports performance
  • Fat storages in undesirable places
  • Frustrating excessive weight
  • Mood swings
  • Bone fragility
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Low sex drive
  • Unhappiness with sexual performance
  • Unstable blood sugar levels
  • Circulatory issues

And all these effects are the result of the supplement’s ability to overcome low testosterone symptoms.

How It Works

The science behind Prime Male ensures that this supplement has a high potential to successfully cope with 3 major limitations on the way to trouble-free testosterone synthesis. These limitations are related to the action of:

Luteinizing hormone (LH): When testosterone levels are low, it means that you lack luteinizing hormone. According to the studies, LH has a direct influence on the testes’ ability to synthesize testosterone. This supplement contains ingredients which make LH appear and release in your body. Due to this, testosterone levels grow.
Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG): This kind of globulin acts in your body by deactivating testosterone available there. When SHBG ties the key male hormone, this leads to the biological inactivation of the latter one. But the components present in this testosterone boosting product make testosterone free again by binding SHBG. So, free testosterone levels increase to help you benefit from this.

Estrogen and Prolactin: These female sex hormones negatively affect male sex hormone balance. When their levels elevate, testosterone drops. However, the natural active substances in this testosterone enhancer’s formula safeguard male hormone production by not letting your body secrete an excessive amount of estrogen and prolactin.


Due to the elevation of testosterone levels under the influence of Prime Male, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Intense lean muscle development
  • Revitalization of stamina and endurance
  • Increase of strength and sports performance
  • Elimination of fat storages
  • Possibility to get rid of unwanted body weight
  • Disappearance of constant fatigue
  • Energy and vitality upraise
  • Rebirth of sex drive
  • Improvement of immune function
  • Enhancement of circulatory system
  • Blood pressure normalization
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Restoration of skin elasticity
  • Strong and healthy bones
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Optimization of prostate function
  • Proper control over mood
  • Brain power boost

Looking though the list of advantages, it’s obvious that the intensification of testosterone secretion goes far beyond muscle and strength gains. In fact, you will notice changes in many aspects of your health.


The well thought-out selection of 12 ingredients enabled the manufacturer to formulate an effective product. The supplement components were thoroughly tested in the laboratories. So, you can be sure of their safety and ability to optimize your testosterone levels.

There are the following ingredients in Prime Male:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate: This natural amino acid is actually a neurotransmitter which plays a key role in the booster formula. This amino acid conveys a message to the hypothalamus which is a brain part that is responsible for LH release. Thus, the study has indicated that D-AA-CC supplementation, the duration of which was 12 days, resulted in approximately 42% increase of testosterone levels due to the intensified LH release.
Bioperine: The supplement contains this natural active substance because it gives a very strong boost to the bioavailability of the other product ingredients. It actually makes these ingredients 20 times more effective. That’s why Bioperine maximizes your testosterone enhancing efforts.
Boron: This is a mineral which leads to a considerable drop of SHBG concentration in blood. This promotes the elevation of free testosterone which your body uses to build muscles, lift energy and virility, give a boost to strength, power, stamina, and endurance, as well as sharpen your mental possibilities. Also, boron works by suppressing estrogen production in men. And as a result, estrogen levels may fall by 39% after a 1-week boron supplementation.
Korean Red Ginseng: The product ingredient content was not deprived of this plant because it has always been famous for its great potential to restore male vitality and enhance longevity. It improves immune system and cures sexual disabilities in men. In particular, it was proven that this herb can heal mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The animal study gave evidence that this component copes with low testosterone in animals.
Luteolin: This natural flavonoid is a suppressor of female hormones which are hostile towards male hormones. This component makes estrogen levels decline, while testosterone levels fly up. Estrogen drops because luteolin inhibits aromatase. Testosterone grows because the ingredient acts as an androgen stimulator.
Magnesium: This mineral was included into the supplement formula since it is able to lower SHBG amount which overloads your blood and entraps testosterone. But when SHBG itself falls into a snare, concentration of free testosterone will become higher and higher to assist you in reaching your both sports and personal goals.
Mucuna Pruriens: This herbal ingredient effectively acts by making prolactin levels plummet. The matter is that the high concentration of this female hormone doesn’t allow your body to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone. So, this component is helpful for testosterone upsurge. The ingredient works properly because there is much amino acid levodopa in it. Except boosting sex hormone secretion, this amino acid intensified human growth hormone production.
Nettle Root: This plant is known for its high potential to bind with sex hormone binding globulin due to the availability of lignans. In such a way, this ingredient gives your body an opportunity to take advantage of high free testosterone levels. Also, this ingredient is responsible for the reduction of estrogen levels and therefore the stimulation of serum testosterone growth.
Vitamin B6: The component supplies the “building material” for the creation of testosterone molecules. This vitamin activates androgen receptors which urge the testes to begin delivering testosterone into the system. The vitamin also tackles the issue of mood changes and poor sex drive.

In addition, this ingredient helps absorb some other crucial testosterone enhancing Prime Male components.

Vitamin D3: This vitamin occurs and is delivered to the human body under the influence of sunlight. But the majority of people doesn’t get enough sunlight and hence experience vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency is also scientifically related to testosterone deficiency. According to the study, a 1-year intake of vitamin D can boost testosterone levels in men by up to 20%.
Vitamin K2: This ingredient shows its efficacy to the greatest extent when combined with vitamin D3 which is also present in the supplement. Vitamin K2 raises serum testosterone substantially due to its influence on specific enzymes available in the testicles. The animal study gave evidence that the 5-week supplementation with this vitamin is able to boost testosterone in rats by 50%.
Zinc: This essential mineral is beneficial for the maintenance of luteinizing hormone levels high and stable. In particular, this chemical compound aids the pituitary gland in releasing LH and hence contributes to the elevation of testosterone levels. The research has shown that zinc intake by elderly men suffering from zinc deficiency made their serum testosterone levels grow by 2 times during a 6-months supplementation period.
All mentioned bioactive components have a synergetic effect which makes the supplement work harmlessly and promptly, as well as provide the best results.

Expected Efficacy

Daily dosages of all ingredients found in Prime Male are strictly measured to make certain that the supplement really helps quickly raise testosterone levels. Thus, only 12 days are enough to achieve a 42% testosterone gain.
The recommended supplementation period is equal to 3 months which are thought to be enough to normalize natural testosterone synthesis in the aging men.

Intake Instructions

You have to take the supplement 4 times per day, 1 capsule per serving. With 1 capsule, you will get 750 mg of the top-notch, non-artificial active substances.
It’s better to take the supplement with 3-hour breaks throughout the day. Also, it’s recommended to use the product while eating to achieve the desirable results.

Adverse Reactions

This supplement features a high safety level. That’s why there is no proven evidence concerning the possibility of any adverse reactions exactly caused by Prime Male. Though some users reported about:

  • Indigestion
  • Loose stools
  • Mood changes
  • Headaches

How Much to Pay

According to the most accurate information available on the manufacturer’s website, there are the following prices on Prime Male depending on the deal you choose:

1 Month Supply: In this case, you will pay $69 for 1 supplement bottle.
2 Month Supply: You will get 2 bottles of the product for $138. And shipping across the UK and US is free of charge.
3 Month Supply: By choosing this deal, you will spend just $207 for 3 supplement bottles. In addition, you will receive 1 bottle as a gift. And shipping all over the world is free of charge.

Where to Purchase

You have an opportunity to purchase Prime Male on the official website of supplement manufacturer. It’s strongly not recommended to buy the product somewhere else since in this case the risk to stumble upon counterfeit goes off the scale.
It’s extremely easy to make an order by simply pressing an appropriate button “Order now” and then completing your order.

The Bottom Line

Prime Male is worth your attention and deserves giving it a chance to be used as a natural substitute to harmful steroids and as a tool able to deal with age-related testosterone loss. By resetting the production of own testosterone in a natural way, you can expect lean muscle mass growth and many other advantages.

But though Prime Male is able to comply with your needs, there is one pick that can even exceed your expectations. This is TestoGen that took the first place in our ranking of non-synthetic male hormone boosters. It in fact has the most powerful and safest formula able to significantly shoot testosterone levels upwards without additional efforts. Also, this product is backed with a money back guarantee valid for 60 days.