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TestoFuel Review

TestoFuel ReviewTestoFuel is a fully non-artificial testosterone-boosting supplement of the highest quality. This supplement that doesn’t require any prescription is developed in order to help the athletes, bodybuilders, and even ordinary men either reach their sports goals or simply become fitter.

This product is on sale for about two decades.

Since the supplement is available on the market for quite a long time, it is considered a well-reputed and reliable booster of testosterone synthesis.

TestoFuel is ranked 4th in our list of the best-working male hormone-stimulating products worth your attention.


TestoFuel Ingredients

The mixture of the following science-backed ingredients enabled the manufacturer of TestoFuel to create a really powerful though natural testosterone-enhancing product:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: It is an amino acid that actively participates in the secretion of both growth hormone and testosterone which altogether promote the muscle growth. In particular, this amino acid contributes to the release of luteinizing hormone which in its turn is a predecessor of testosterone. The study found out that a 3-month supplementation of men with d-aspartic acid has led to approximately 30-60% increase in testosterone levels, while sperm count grew by 60-100%.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is included to TestoFuel formula because it can recharge testosterone synthesis in the body. According to the study, 3,332 IUs of this nutrient resulted in a considerable elevation of testosterone levels. One more study brought to the public by the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport has shown that the amount of vitamin D exceeding 4,000 IU was enough to enhance strength and boost muscle growth in the participants who were the athletes. At the same time, the amount of 5,000 IU has also contributed to bone strengthening and sports performance increase along with muscle gains and strength elevation.
  • Oyster Extract: This extract is first of all famous for its powerful aphrodisiac properties. But according to the clinical trials, it not only copes with low libido, but also fuels testosterone production and suppresses aromatization which means the conversion of key male hormone into estrogen. As a result, fat percentage decreases and virile strength lifts. Also, the optimization of male fertility is observed.
  • Ginseng: Adding this well-known herb to TestoFuel formula, the manufacturer not only took care about cognitive function improvement and normalization of immune system. The manufacturer also selected a great testosterone-boosting component. The study has indicated that the short-term supplementation with ginseng stimulates the uplifting of both testosterone’s derivative DHT and testosterone itself. Also, this plant activates the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone and luteinizing hormone which also ensure testosterone secretion.
  • Fenugreek: The study has demonstrated that the moderate supplementation with fenugreek raises both free and total testosterone levels. Also, it’s a scientifically proven fact that fenugreek doesn’t let testosterone to be bound to sex hormone binding globulin and hence free testosterone concentration ramps up.
  • Magnesium: There is clinical evidence that even the short-term intake of magnesium helps considerably increase testosterone amount in the blood of athletes. Magnesium is available in TestoFuel because the majority of athletes receive 60-70% less magnesium than due.
  • Vitamin B6: According to the study, the lack of vitamin B6 causes a substantial drop in testosterone levels. The studies also indicated that vitamin B6 leads to 30% decrease in estrogen and correspondently to testosterone increase.
  • Vitamin K2: The study has shown that a 5-week supplementation with vitamin K2 raised the amount of circulating testosterone by 70%. This ingredient is also beneficial for a successful fat loss.
  • Zinc: This nutrient has a clinically supported ability to prevent aromatization. This means that testosterone transformation into estrogen doesn’t happen and testosterone levels remain high and stable.

The Bottom Line

TestoFuel is a well-working non-artificial supplement that is aimed at activating testosterone secretion absolutely naturally. The prescription is not demanded in order to obtain this product.

The powerfulness of TestoFuel ingredient content is not the greatest among the boosters present on the market. But still it has a strong formula suitable for both professional and non-professional use. The scientific support of the ingredients in the testosterone booster formula indicates that it is really effective.

TestoFuel not just contributes to the muscle size enlargement due to the testosterone upsurge, but also helps improve energy release, restore sex drive, cope with mood swings, and enhance mental abilities.